Quantum Haulage is a Virtual Trucking Company first started by Cody and Tappedouter2002 in July of 2019. The company was started with the goal to start a new community for people to come together as one to truck along the beautiful roads of Europe.

New Partnership

Good evening! Quantum Haulage is proud to announce it's newest partner, Relaxed Trucking Logistics! This is a Virtual Trucking Company ran by @[RTL] MrG and @[RTL] SlammedKingg. We look forward to working closely with RTL and we hope that we both expand and grow together!

Information: - Discord: https://discord.gg/CDDUMMc - Website: https://rt-vtc.net/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/rt_vtc

1 Month, 3 Days




Jobs logged

537,134 km

Distance driven

189,786 t

Cargo moved

176,060 L

Fuel used